Men of Rapture

Instrumental from Denver, CO

Tags  post rock  post-rock  post-metal  instrumental  shoegaze  alternative  space  noise  ambient  progressive  psychedelic  stoner 

Men of Rapture is the name under which Matt Pula decided to release his music. Sometimes he gets friends involved.


Matt Pula - Everything


Men of Rapture began in 2011 as my solo project where I wanted to release guitar-driven instrumental music inspired by post-rock bands like Explosions in the Sky, Mogwai, Mono, and God is an Astronaut.

Not long after writing and releasing my 2012 demo, the project flowered into a full band. Over the course of the next year the band peaked and fizzled, and ended up throwing me into a complete music making hiatus for the next 6 months.

It's been long enough, and I'm now dying to get back into making music, so I'm gearing up revamp my 2012 demo into full-length album I always wanted it to be.

You can follow the progress of this, and all of my projects @:


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